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Welcome to the Geographic Football Database!  
Welcome to the Geographic Football Database!

This website is dedicated to the use of spatial data to present information about football leagues and teams.

Currently, there are 11 countries fully or partially represented in the database. We have complete data for the top five levels of England (since the Premier League), the German Bundesliga, and Major League Soccer. There are a number of interesting statistics and maps to sort through.

This website uses OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers to render its maps.

If you have any information on stadiums or map ideas, please send an email to: footballmaps(at)stattosoftware(dot)com.

To get started, please select competitions or teams. The teams page has not yet been re-organized but is fully functional.
Recent Updates  
May 21, 2012: Updated the site with recent data and some historical data - over 20 years of La Liga data is now geographically available.

March 2, 2011: Added the capability to map seasonal attendance, and added USA second division attendance data.

February 5: Added all seasons of the Australian A-League. The New Zealand Knights have their place in history as one of the worst top level teams ever - but who would win between them and the 1965-66 Tasmania Berlin squad? The two seasons of the German 3. Liga are in the database, but not all geographic information has been entered. More Spanish and Danish data will be entered into the database soon, and it looks as though Mexico may be the next competition added.

February 3: A busy week with additions of the Danish Superliga, Spanish La Liga, several Scottish league seasons, and minor improvements. For Spain, I am still searching for spatial information on the old CD Logroņes stadium and the old RCD Espanyol stadium - where were these stadiums located?

January 27: More 2. Bundesliga seasons have been added for Germany, and about 50 new stadiums are in the database for lower league England, top level France and teams which only peaked in the 2. Bundesliga between 1996 and 2010. Also redesigned the site and added flags.
Wanted Data  
  • FC Istres apparently began playing at Stade Parsemain in 2005 - what stadium did they play in before they moved, and where is/was this stadium?
  • Baldock Town are in the database at the moment but they folded in 2001. Any information on where they played would be appreciated.
  • Currently, any team which has a ?? as the starting point for their tenure at a stadium is a problem. If you have any of this information please email us.
Special thanks to the RSSSF!  
Much of the table information on this website comes from the hard work of the RSSSF with permission. Thank you to Karel Stokkermans and those who take their time to contribute information to this great website.